My name is Rachel Mahan, and I’m a professional writer (www.rachelmahan.com). In the not-so-distant past, I was a scientist. In fact, I still consider myself one, except that now, I sit in front of a computer and live in the city and thus don’t get out in nature much anymore. Even though I don’t get to chase salamanders over the mountains at 3 AM on rainy nights, I believe that I can find nature wherever I am. It just takes a little looking.

Now for the obligatory boring stuff:

The views expressed on this site are mine and mine alone. Except for the main banner image, the content posted on this blog is mine and mine alone, and I hold the copyright with all rights reserved. The chosen genre for the Nature on the Fringes blog is flash (meaning that it is short) creative nonfiction (meaning that it is told how it happened). I sometimes change small identifying details to protect my privacy and the privacy of others.


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